Welcome to our results section

As part of the service one can expect selective pieces of information each week. There will be days where we have no information with the focus very much on quality over quantity at all times.

A more detailed breakdown of recent results can be seen below (please note I am unable to detail every single individual runner in the interests of maintaining a degree of anonymity).

In no way do we condone or promote any form of gambling, including fantasy sports or games of chance. This service is an information based service and is intended to be used as such.

      June 2021 

      Papacito (5/2), Reina Del Mar (7/1), Roberto Escobarr (5/2), Perfect Power (14/1), Mohaather (15/8)

      May 2021 

      Poetic Flare (16/1), Opera Gift (11/4), Tawleed (4/1), Raadobarg (2/1), Bellosa (2/1), Bashosh (4/1), Alfaadhel (6/4), Tinker Toy (15/8), Ebro River (5/1), Title (7/2), Asjad (9/4), Silks Pass/ Epidemic (15/2)

      April 2021 

      Sky Commander (9/4), Diligent Harry (2/1), Mars Landing (11/4), Excel Power (10/3), Ransom (5/2), Mohaafeth (7/4), Bellosa (15/2), Al Aasy (6/4), Jaramillo (5/2), Sir Rumi (7/4)

      March 2021 

      Dragon Symbol (2/1), Sayadam (11/4), Fiordland (6/4), Moraaheq (11/8), Bob Olinger (7/4), The Edgar Wallace (2/1), Lesser (2/1)

      February 2021 

      Colonel Keating (17/2), Kyntara (4/1), Equus Dreamer (4/1), Silent Film (11/10), Raise The Roof (6/5)

      January 2021 

      Global Response / La Tihaty (6/1 Double), City Derby (3/1), McFabulous (11/10), Fred (11/2), Note Bleu (9/2), Twilight Madness (3/1), Invincible Swagger (11/4), Mutahamisa (15/8)

      December 2020 

      Sweet Betsy (11/2), Affwonn (15/8), Father of Jazz (11/10 into 4/11), Global Vision (11/4)

      November 2020 

      After an excellent start to November with a 16/1 highlight we sadly experienced a frustrating and quiet final 10 days to the month. A respectable month regardless with a final ROI of 36%

      Hit The Heights (16/1), Cool Destination (9/4)

      October 2020 

      A decent start to October so far for members with a far more selective approach being employed over the first week or so to the month with conditions on the turf deteriorating. Some excellent information on the AW over the coming week or two.

      Dejame Paso (4/1), Irish Legend (2/1), Nebulosa (9/4), Baradar (13/8), Troll Peninsula (9/1), Set Point (5/1), Noman (11/4).

      September 2020 

      A month of two-halves which saw us finish September break-even. A sensational first week or so to the month with yet another fantastic winner over in France courtesy of a newcomer as well as Doubling Dice (9/2) romping up at Hamilton. Unfortunately due to a large number of placed runners in the second-half of the month we finished September break-even.

      Doubling Dice (9/2), Ripponette (5/1), Lights On (6/5), Pitchers Point (15/8), Kingmania (5/4), Lady Hayes/Doubling Dice (3/1 double)

      August 2020 

      Another month which saw us finish ahead. Some excellent information from our French contact again (La Gaeta) as well as via our Roger Varian contact who remains in fine form.

      Katara (6/4), La Gaeta (9/2), The Perfect Crown (6/5), September Power (8/1), Believe In Love (5/2), Baradar (5/2), Dean Street Doll (5/1)

      July 2020

      Some excellent information in July, in particular via our French contact who provided us with an impressive 7/1 winner.

      Mediterranea Blue (7/1), Silent Angenda (15/2), Fly Miss Helen (7/2), Nehaarr (15/8), Darvel (6/4), Grand Bazaar (15/8), Reine De Vitesse (18/1 each way 4th), Tenbury Wells (5/2), Top Rank (5/4)

      June 2020

      A very good start and middle to June with a quiet final week or so with a number of placed horses. We finished June ahead,

      Mighty Gurkha (11/10 into 8/15), Far Above (7/2), Montatham (5/2), Variyann (9/2), Fujaira Prince (9/2), Mountain Angel (12/1), Hala Hala Hala (7/2)

      March 2020

      An excellent month once again, unfortunately cut short mid-March due to Covid-19. From 4 selections for Cheltenham we had 3 successful pieces of information, resulting in another excellent month.

      Chares (3/1), Mister Snowdon (15/8), Epatante (4/1), Dame De Compagnie (9/2), Simply The Betts (10/3)

      February 2020

      A fantastic February with some high quality news and information, including our new Richard Hughes contact who has proved a valuable addition to the service.

      A good month with highlights including Fair Star (2/1), Pinnata (5/2), Imperial Elysian (9/2), Papa Power (2/1), Jorvik Prince (5/2), Sansevero (13/8), Ya Hayati (2/1), Arctic Vega, Downtown Getaway (4/1), Dancing Feet (11/10), Maori Knight (11/10), Top Breeze (9/4),

      January 2020

      A satisfactory month which saw us finish ahead blighted by a large number of 2nd’s. Highlights included River Song (9/2), Will To Win (7/4), Bright Melody (7/4), Tebay (11/2) and Bold Suitor (9/4).

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